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Advice for the treatment of psoriasis with arimed b lamps (sup therapy)

Advice for irradiance at the beginning of the treatment or at the beginning of a series of exposure times

A series of exposure times should start with 3 to 5 minutes on each side of the body respectively on each part of the skin that is to be treated. If there is no reaction of erythema within 6 to 12 hours after the exposure, which means neither reddening nor strain of the skin, the duration of the following treatments will step by step be increased by 2 minutes each part.

Do not expose skin to Arimed B rays more than once a day.

The occurrence of an erythema within 6 to 12 hours after the exposure took place proves that the exposure time of the last irradiance is your personal maximum exposure time and should not be exceeded in further treatments. This exposure time usually lies (according to experience in the past) between 25 and 45 minutes, as the skin becomes used to the uv rays and darkens in the course of the treatment. It is not useful to prolong the exposure times, even if no erythema is then apparent.

In case of acute attacks of psoriasis it is recommendable to make daily exposure sessions.

After a series of about 20 sessions the greatest part of the psoriasis foci are usually healed, respectively there is no further appearance of psoriasis. Exceptions are often only the foci at the elbow and the knee. It is known that today, psoriasis is not yet curable, only the appearance can be improved and it can be tried to reduce further acute attacks. For the latter reason a preserving treatment is recommendable.

Irradiance Advice For The Preserving Treatment


The preserving treatment aims at avoiding further attacks when reducing the number of exposure sessions. There are two alternative kinds of proceeding:

  • Reducing the number of sessions to one to two times a week using the exposure time of the last session of the treatment.
  • As far as the course of the disease allows it, a pause of irradiance of about 4 to 6 weeks is made.

The advantage of a pause is that the skin can recover respectively re-generate and thus become more receptive to the uv rays which make the therapeutic effect. It is, however, to be taken into consideration when starting exposures again, that the exposure time must not exceed 3 to 5 minutes at the beginning.

It depends on each individual case which of the two preserving treatments is more favourable and the more successful. Pauses in the treatment are not favourable in each case of the disease.

Find out in co-operation with your doctor the preserving treatment that is best for yourself.

It is important to expose most effectively without risking a sunburn. Effectively means: the greatest possible exploitation of the energy supplied by the arimed b tubes to normalize the disturbed metabolism of the skin. For this reason each exposure should last until the reaction of reddening of the skin is nearly reached but should not be exceeded (the so-called suberythemal dose) this proceeding makes it necessary that each user finds out his individual erythema threshold time (i.e. the exposure time after which a reddening of the skin occurs) if the advice of the treatment is observed the adaptability of the skin t uv rays is used.


General Advice For The Execution of The Treatment

  • Prior to irradiance remove the scales of the skin by washing. UV rays hardly penetrate the scales of the skin. Do not use ointment or any other preparation prior to the exposure of UV rays.
  • The distance between the skin and UV lamps shall be as short as possible. Maximum 10-15 cm. Otherwise the duration of the exposure time has to be longer. The healthy parts of the skin can also be exposed which supports the effect indirectly.
  • Do not look into the UV lamps, otherwise a conjunctivitis or a keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) may occur if you are sensitive to light. Please always use the supplied goggles during the session.
  • For exposing the psoriasis foci at those parts of the head that are covered with hair it is recommendable to have the hair cut short in order to guarantee efficiency of the irradiance. If the hair is long the foci can also be exposed by parting the hair at the relevant points.
  • Some medicine and also cosmetic articles can reduce the efficiency of UV rays to a great extent and may lead to undesired reactions of the skin. If you take any medicines or in case of doubt please ask your doctor before you start the treatment.

Hire Contract

A contract will be required to be signed by the user on delivery of the unit.